Thursday, August 21

of TVCs and Portable Toilets

Last Tuesday was pretty much the longest i've spent on official business. We were shooting for a new commercial and i had a 7am call time.(HORRORS!) As expected we ended more than 12 hours later, roughly around 11pm that night. So much for work life balance eh?! We were in the bondos of Antipolo (ok, maybe not!) but it seemed that way to me. Nonetheless, I must say... it was an exciting day all in all. I don't think i will ever look at undressed chicken in the same way again. "Everyone body wants Kung Fu fighting! Yeah!" (it will make sense, someday, trust me)

I've been on a set before, for the movie "One More Chance" (.5 sec of fame. baby!!!) so i had an inkling that setting up for a sequence shot takes forever. And if you're the client and not necessarily an active member of the crew doing the prod design, you pretty much wait around until the director screams "Action!" I never knew that so much detail goes through a commercial shoot. Imagine, even the colors of incedental props or backgrounds are scrutinized. Hand gestures, mannerism and what not become the core of heated discussions.

Since the brand/commercial concept is still being kept under wraps (i'll upload behind the scenes shot once the TVC is being aired) i just want to share the absolutely hilarious thing on the entire set. (shot is a bit blurry cause i took that when the sun is almost gone already :( )

Portable toilet - - but but look at the lower left portion - YES that's an aircon pare!

It pays to have big time actors in your set. Despite being miles away from the civilization, you get "centralized" airconditioning while doing numbers 1 & 2.

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