Tuesday, August 5

Design Hunting: First Steps

serendra unit

We don't have a date planned out yet for the BIG day... i really don't think i am girly girl in that sense. I havent had the dress all thought out. No idea what the flower arrangements would look like. No preference yet as to what my bridesmaids would be wearing. All i know is that whenever that BIG day is - it has to have a killer band - and an even rocked out after party...

What i have been dreaming about since i was a young girl, is not the big white wedding - but something more achitecturally inclined - the ultimate kick-ass house me and my soon to be husband will be calling home. Lately, conversations with Manongski has turned into an open ended topic. The never-ending debate about the walk-in closet ensues. But this has been cushioned by the sweet victory of securing the L-shaped red couch our friends will soon be lounging around at. It's funny. At some point while discussing possible color combination for the dirty kitchen i just burst out laughing - this was all so grown up. I can't believe we're actually planning to build our own house na!

walk in closet: i want it all white!!

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