Tuesday, August 26

Must Try: Bellini's

Ok I was supposed to post this a few months back, I just realized that I haven't, better late than never right?. Dear boyfriend (yes, he wasn't that enlightened once upon a time hence the status hee) took me out for dinner at Bellini's. This after months of trying to squeeze it to our schedules. Hmm not that we're uber socialites and had too much on our plate…most likely we just kept on going to the same restos until we started to get quizzical looks from waiters.

So Bellini's it is that Friday night. They shot some scenes here for the movie One More Chance (jologs alert! I just wanted to plug that in, 'cause as mentioned before I have a blink-and-you'll-miss part there hee) Anyways, ambiance-wise the place was pretty great. But nothing earth shattering or jaw dropping. It did provide an unruffled homey feel to it. Plus you get to see Mr. Bellini himself walking around the place. Splash all over the walls are pictures, some taken by Bellini during his paparrazzi days in Italy. There are news article clippings even! In the middle of dinner, a blind man went to the "podium" and started playing some old school hymns with his guitar. But since we were seated by the doorside, appreciating the tune proves to be a challenge - (especially when you have a pack of people standing, chatting aimlessly while waiting to be seated)

When it comes to the menu selection, you can never go wrong with your salsiccia pizza and seafood pasta dripped with olive oil. Yum yum. We had some soup to start our meal - not much of a soup eater but Dear Boyfriend did find the taste to his liking. Plus factor, it comes with a free pita bread offered with a choice of salmon and spinach dip.

Price-wise, Bellini's is very affordable. It probably wouldn’t make a dent even in your third world paycheck :) An added charm to the place is its ala-boho location. Outside Bellini's, the very store besides it actually, you will find Vintage Pop. I found childhood toy wonder, View Master, in one corner! Oooh Nostalgia. They also sell old school discs - you know the ones our parents used to jam to when cds were something straight out of Space Odyssey 2000. All in all dining at Bellini's and visiting its nearby shops prove to be more of an experience than merely satisfying one's Itallian cravings.

Chao! Photo creds: from cubao-x site
Location: Cubao Expo near Gateway Mall


  1. sua and i looooveee bellini's! congratulations on FINALLY being able to try it out! delishhhhhhh!!!

  2. hahaha! i know - this was all because of your reco :)

  3. Thx for the info on the place.. Will definately try it out sometime...

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