Friday, August 8

2008 Beijing Olympics

You love watching sporting events. This, even if your lazy ass never want to try anything that require your sweat glands to reach for that extra mile, hmm or even just half a mile. You remember growing up though, you once dreamt of qualifying for the Olympics, representing your country and eventually bagging the bronze (hey, even if it was a dream you were trying to shoot for realism). You were less of a sloth then, and you really took swimming to heart. Swimming at least once a week and getting all excited about the thought of hitting the pool. Let's just say that when your father throws you mid-pool on the 6 feet level when you are barely three years old, you start to envision that you are destined for bigger and greater things. Hmm or maybe that's your brain lacking oxygen once again. Whatever your current disposition about anything that requires exerting energy, one thing that hasn't diminished is your love for watching the Olympics! (you even get a kick watching the winter olympics even if your country doesn't compete in any of the categories)

So for this year's Olympics you are way ecstatic that they are holding it in Beijing. Probably thinking that that's the closest you can get to ever watching the Olympics live...Hmmm..2012 travel plans...London perhaps? 8-8-08 8:08pm... let the count down begin...

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  1. Yeah... lets hope we'll all be alive for the London events on 2012, ;p

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    Who will win, Team Sumo SnaX, or Team Doyzkie?

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