Tuesday, October 7

The 15th Hour

September and October is planning season for us. And this spells 14 hour long meetings, out of town sessions with little leeway to sneak out and so much more that it makes you wonder sometimes... if we eradicate the concept of meetings, will we be less efficient?!

- . -. - . - .

The problem with thinking you are a loner only with many friends is that people assume that you can be perky at will, when you know you can be the anti-christ sometimes.

- . - . - . - .

It's seriously funny looking back when you realized you have spent half a day's energy to stop and analyze what has transpired over a ym conversation. It's a girl thing, you take. You just can't help it sometimes. You want to know the meaning (behind the meaning) behind the word. Even as sometimes, that meaning is staring you straight in the screen. And so a caucus is convened. And thoughts are expressed. However, in the words of some ermetanyo out there "Too many cooks spoil the soup". Hee... But it's still fun to join in the analysis don'tcha think?

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  1. Well, I guess the meetings are about the planning...and that u gotta know what everybody else does...

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