Tuesday, October 7

Couch Potato Series: One Tree Hill

I just finished season 4 and 5 of One Tree Hill. Yes that's what insomnia can do to you. I used to like One Tree Hill, nevermind that its plot revolves around the lives of the seemingly feeling tragic drama teens. It was able to hold my attention for the past two season and darn it if I start letting go now.

Spoiler alert:

One thing that I liked about Season 5 is that they skipped the entire college years. We all know that teen shows that started in High School always end up with disastrous scripts once they move on to college (case in point: Dawsons Creek, The O.C.). Its just not possible given the dynamics in the States, for all the main characters to still be going to the same school once they finish High School. So instead of that ackward scenes where you as the viewer squirm at your seats wishing they did not do this sacrilege to your once darling show - S5 fast forwards to their lives months after college graduation. Haley and Nathan are with a this adorable 4 year old kid, Nathan's basketball glory days are behind him due to a stupid accident, Lucas has become a full-time writer with a new fiance, Brooke is now a glorified Paris Hilton, only with a more successful clothing line and Peyton well, somethings never change..Peyton is still pining over Lucas.

That's the only thing that drove me to pure frustration. If you watch all 40 plus episodes on one go..you get pretty much solved that puzzle piece of how Peyton's mind work. - Big drama queen who thinks tragedy will befall her anytime. And she keeps on stealing Lucas back! Damn it! I want an original storyline please. That episode run the first and second season already - I had to sit through to more new seasons of that! I always hate the lead female character in teen shows, because for some strange reasons writers seem to want her to be neurotic, chasing after someone with a boyfriend in the guise of "first love never dies" syndrome. Blech!

My future SIL has taken the task of downloading S6 of One Tree Hill, I'm hoping based on S5's cliff hanger that Lucas DID not picked Peyton.


  1. Unfortunately, Lucas did... and went to Vegas.

  2. Yeah i know!!! Sadness!!!!

  3. Try watching the KoQ (King of Queens) pure comedy.... You'll like it - we finished through 7 seasons....

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