Monday, October 13

Looking Forward: November 29, 2009 - The BIG day

You opened the papers and global depression or economic meltdown headlines are what greets you. While being plunge into circa 1920s poverty state is frightening enough, the thought is doubly magnified when you are planning to get married in the near future. Certain ideas pop into your mind - do you minimize wedding expense to stave off future starvation? Afterall it's just one day compared to the rest of your lives, right? But then - you go watch the Us Girls special of Cheska Garcia's wedding and you realize - hell - the inner girly girl in you wants all that! The over the top frou-froup wedding!

And since you and Dear Fiance were finally able to find a date for your wedding - (thank you feng sui gods - that only took you 4 and half months -huff and puff! at the rate you were first going i thought Dear Fiance would have been given a chance to change his mind!! :P ) anyway, since the drama that was finding the date is officially closed you have taken the first steps to bridezilladom. Bring on the OC-fested gnatt chart, the theme and motif pegs, the powerpoint and colored print outs and so much more that Dear Fiance has openly verbalized, probably fearing bridezilla tantrums in the future, that when it comes to the frou frou and the design ideation he will just be in it for the ride, or to be exact he will just be nodding along throughout the ride. Granted - your OC-fested gnatt chart would make room for cost visibility for him. Oh darn!

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