Sunday, October 5

Must Try: Bugsy's Night Out

There's a new place to hang out now that Moksha has officially been overtaken by most everyone we know. Bugsy's bar and bistro. Located at City Golf in Julio Vargas. It offers cheap beers (around Php 35 per bottle), yummy bar snacks and an ultra steady atmosphere. (It doesn't hurt that the waiters are decked out in mobster-inspired outfits - the ladies even had some real mustache growing haha!) Last Saturday the girls plus Dear Fiance and Fred grabbed some drinks and swapped horror stories. For those who are annoyed by second hand smoke, it might be best to ask to be sitted outside 'cause 10pm spells lighting up indoors. It's a great place to hang especially if you just want to comfortably chill, has that neighborly bar feel to it. The best part, Fred's got a tab there! (Hmm tries to think of sneaky scheming ways)
Note: Food is pretty cheap. Must Try Recommends: Beef Tenders and Fish and Chips.
Located at Unit C 105 City Golf Julio Vargas Avenue Pasig City Philippines
Contact info: 489-4985

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