Tuesday, October 14

Monday Nights = Badminton Nights?!?

What could be more horrific for a sloth like me than to hear the words – "Mondays would officially be our Badminton night" from the boss. Que Horror! No sooner than those words were echoed that my mind started to think of various excuses I could come up with. Asthma. Sprained ankle. Brain damage. Oxygen deprivation.?!? Unfortunately none came out (was that fear i smell?) and I was forced to give out a yes.

And so with a heavy heart, last night I ventured into my first physical activity since – hmm…hmmm… it’s been so long that the memory has faded already. Surprisingly, after the activity, there were no aches and pains in the bone as I originally predicted. I must be made out of tougher stuff than I imagined.

1 comment:

  1. I don't get it... JUST WORK OUT!!! It's fun - ssure, it's tiring the first few days, but when you make it daily, U'll be having more pain if you don't work out starting now, then you'll ever have!!! Belive me... I feel suckish cuz I haven't worked out in a awhile... But I'm gettin to it!!!!

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