Tuesday, October 7

Much Ado Over Nothing

Hmmm. People seriously need to revamp their sense of humor. Or stop watching comedy shows altogether. If jokes about Filipino characters on a BBC show is now taboo, have we gone to that point werein anything not good said about us is immediately a cause for unifaction by those acronym organizations: one voice decrying the blasphemy of another country?!? Good Lord!

A friend sent an email regarding the bonfire that was Ateneo's way of celebrating their victory in the last UAAP. And by the looks of the article, i am made to assume that there's an on-going debate/discussion over this (lots of angry alumnis apparently). Was it done in good taste. Hell No! Think they got carried away? Probably (they don't win championships in basketball that often you know..cheers!). But does it merit a serious discussion worthy of epic proportions? Hmmmm. Again, people need to seriously rewire their definition of comedy - Be a little less delicate. Either that or you go watch AFC all the time. I'm sure nobody gets offended by the food network!


1 comment:

  1. I think, people in general lose their humor... When ur 6 u laugh ur guts out seeing a man fall into the pool, when ur 35 u'll worry the man might drown... Too much drama when u grow up, huh????

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