Tuesday, October 21

Wedding To Do List 101

It’s seriously hard to plan a wedding! I am just thinking about all the things that needed to be done before the BIG day and already it’s enough to make my head throb with aches and pains.

After setting the date, the next big thing on our list is to secure the venue. For 500 guests, what's the best way to arrange the wedding reception? Should we do a hotel reception or an NBC-tent like set-up. If it’s a hotel, there are many choices again that must be drilled down still. Edsa Shangri-la? Sofitel? Mandarin Oriental? A friend even suggested Holiday Inn in Manila. On the other hand, if it’s an NBC-Tent like set-up, where exactly then? The NBC tent? One Esplanade? World Trade? (hehe). Another consideration we must factor in is that if we do decide against a hotel reception, which caterer do we get? Bizu? Le Souffle? Via Mare? Gloria Mariz?

Waaaaah. 1 year. 1 month. 9 days to go.

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