Tuesday, October 14

Looking Forward: Project Runway Philippines

The title should more aptly read, looking forward despite certain circumstances...

I’m pissed. I was supposed to watch the live finale of Project Runway with my best friend in tow, or me in tow (she’s the one with the invites afterall). However due to yet another work related activity, instead of the runway I will be stuck along the highways going to Baguio that day.

Huff and Puff. Although I haven’t been able to religiously catch all the episodes of the show, I have been a fan of the US version of the show and this translated to an immediate affinity to its local counterpart. Nevermind if Rajo Laurel sometimes bothers me when he makes his judging comments. He is no Michael Kors that’s for sure. But i love love Jojie Loren, he is like Tim Gunn without trying to hard, even if he says "work, work, work" intentionally mocking Gunn, he still comes off as adorable.

Amongst all the franchised reality shows brought over to this side of the Pacific - i actually thought they did PR a pretty good justice (hmm Philippine's Next Top Model or Philippine Idol, agree?). It's a good thing also that it is being shown at ETC - a channel that's defintely more atuned to its target market.

One of the contestants, Eli was/is actually a professor for Saint Benilde. I don't know if that is something Benildians are proud or ashamed of. Try catching some of the replays on Youtube and you'll get my point. (He can be soo annoying at times!) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-IAHui4gSs&feature=PlayList&p=264C78914B248001&index=0
What i loved/hated about the show is the fact that the 95% of the time the designers felt the need to address the audience in English. Nevermind if their tongues got twisted 360 degrees in trying to construct a simple sentence to either refute or acknowledge the judge's claim. They sound a lot less smarter tuloy than they would have had, had they only spoken in Filipino. It's Project Runway Philippines afterall.
But that being said, I am still pissed. I wanted to watch the finale!!!
PRP is being shown every Wednesdays at ETC

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