Saturday, October 18

Cheap Thrills and Bargain Hunting

Two Thursdays ago, i had to tend to future wifely duties by attending one of the meetings of Rotary Club at Century Park wherein Dear Fiance' dad is the president of. Didn't want to show up late, I did my stealth mode from the work place (that was only 530 afterall - havent clocked in the usual 12 hours of slavery) and was about an hour early for the meeting. Having enough time to burn, future MIL told Dear Fiance and I to just walk around first. With that suggestion, no doubt this shopaholic's legs directed her straight to...the nearby SM of course..The Place To Be! (alang naman Harizon Plaza, horrors!)

They truly do have everything there at SM. And while i shuddered at the thought of wearing shoes made from the deparment store - just because my feet are gigantic and they would hurt like hell - parading around the accessory aisle is another subject. You changed accessories so often anyways, might as well get some of them at dirt cheap prices, right?
Items bought:

Php 150.00 Trucker Hat

Php 150.oo Newsboy Hat

Php 25.oo Plain Hairbands Php 79.oo Polkadot-Styled Hairband

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