Tuesday, October 21

Weekend Wanderlust: Tagaytay

Weekend day tripping to Tagaytay. Or should I say night tripping as we arrived there around dinner time already. There were no definite plans but one way to lure Dear Fiance’s best pal was by saying we were Casino Filipino bound. Besides I had “double your money” coupons for Casino Filipino worth 7 grand that I had to use before the 31st, what better way than to share it with friends, right?

Traffic was horrible. We took the Coastal Road, a sad horrific error in judgement that should not be repeated ever – cursing ourselves the entire time as our asses hurt from being stuck in the car for more than three hours long. Good thing Dear Fiancé had the foresight way back to install a mini TV on his car. Watching wacky reality show “I survived a Japanese Game” definitely took some of the tension out of the vehicle. We were about ready to turn and head back to Manila. Seriously!

While waiting for Dear Fiancé’s friends to arrive (they stopped over at Paseo Sta Rosa for some drinking spree) we had dinner at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast. Love the ambiance there – very chic and classy. One of these days I would just love to stay at the I-Dare room. As for our meals, we had the large Baby Back Ribs (Php 500++), onion rings plus some shrimpy appetizer. Food at the Hawaiian Barbecue need not be that expensive if you order to share.

Since the main purpose was to go to Casino Filipino, after dinner we all head there to tempt fate. I swear I was really lucky that night. Where-ever color I placed my bet at, is where the balls landed. Thank you gambling gods! Dear Fiancé and I were initially at a winning streak. Jean got her money back and decided to split while Dear Fiancé’s friends unfortunately weren’t as lucky.

Final stop of the night? Mamplasan gas station. We stayed there until almost 2 in the morning hanging out outside Starbucks while the boys plan their wedding roles, speeches and a bunch of other schemes and shenanigans

Tagaytay Branch: The Boutique Bed & Breakfast, 45 Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay City, Cavite contact: (046) 413-1885, (046) 413-1798, (046) 860-2716, (0927)363-2660

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