Monday, October 13

Must Try (or not!): Solihiya

Friday night, Dear Fiance and I met with our very own version of Meredith Grey for dinner and drinks. Since we wanted to veer away from usual spots in Rockwell and Fort we decided to try the line of restaurants along Greenbelt 5. John and Yoko is a great Japanese place. With similar owners as Sumo Sam – the place reminds you of S2 only a bit more upscale. Despite Japanese cravings, we wanted to try something different so our stomachs led us to Solihya Restaurant.

For our appetizer, we ordered the jelly fish and Century Egg Salad – Apart from the very bland taste, the serving size is seriously lacking for the price. Dear Fiance and I thought that maybe this predicament would only apply for their appetizer – until they brought in our other orders. Sad Face. Imagine your platitos at home – that’s how much your Php 300 would travel for a dish.

Don’t get me wrong, the place definitely has a nice interior feel to it. High end native decors spruce up the place. The food wasn’t bad also – healthy mix of Filipino and Chinese dishes on their menus. But in this author’s opinion – nothing too exceptional about the resto to rave about!

Location: 3rd Level Greenbelt 5
Contact: 729-8744

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  1. Cool, at least u guys are honest about what u think about the food and life and stuff - most people are too scared to reveal whats inside....

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