Monday, August 24

Trip to Subic

If you're looking for a fun filled afternoon outside Manila, one of the safest bet would be to drive to Subic. With the new SC-TEX highway it only takes about an hour and half, two hours max to reach your destination.

Of course, as always, best to do this with friends. I had an absolutely fun time trying every little adventure activity they had there.

Here are some snapshots from our latest mini-break.

No stop to Subic would be complete without a trip to ZOObic. Heehee. I love puns for a name! (Fang-tasia in True Blood - still tops the list) You have probably seen better animals at a much nicer zoo, well, the true highlight here is riding the safari jeep. For a brief 5 minutes (better to pay for the chicken meat to lure the tigers) you get to ride around a "mini safari" with tigers roaming freely and jumping up and down your sheltered jeepney. Kinda cool. A bit "bitin".

Cost of this adventure around Php 250.00

Just before riding the 4x4 
for an up close and personal encounters with the tigers

feeding the alligators raw chicken

Tree Drop Adventure. After bungy jumping in Macau last year you'd think this would be a piece of cake for me. But nope, still a scaredy cat at heart. Absolutely fantastic feeling afterward though. The drop really gives you such an unbelievable adrenaline rush. If you only have time for one adventure, IMO the tree drop is the way to go. It is so much better than the Superman Glide (tree gliding - next pic) The gliding was just boring! I actually got more excited getting on the glides than the actual gliding experience.

Total cost around Php 350.00 (Tree Drop around Php 150; Superman around Php200)

For more information for this log on to: or contact 047-2529425

For dear Fiance, the highlight of course was the trip to the Go-Kart tracks. Yes silly pathetic me was the 6th placer (woohoo! i don't know how I am not last!) while Mr. Wannabe Racer of a fiance did 20 laps and managed to have a better time than yours truly with only 10 laps to accomplish.

Cost of this adventure around Php 400 for 10 laps.

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  1. Thnx, i'll try it sometime!!!

    "tr3at ur mama 4 free"
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