Monday, August 3

Goodbye, Pres. Cory

Last night, we went to the wake of former president Cory Aquino. Met up with friends at Starbucks Temple Drive before heading to La Salle Greenhills in time to hear the 8pm mass being held inside the LSGH gymnasium.

During mass and long afterward, looking around the room, I couldn't help but be amazed. She truly was one of those great individuals who has touched the hearts and lives of so many.

I love when the priest half jokingly said that, President Cory has the power to bring people together, the ability to bring both Jesuits and La Salle brothers to hold mass together in her honor. It goes beyond silly La Salle-Ateneo 'rivalries' of course and THAT is what makes it truly inspiring.

photocred: philstar

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  1. Love the pic....


    Hey, I went back to today, and guess what I found this time - they are making a NEW competition again!!!! Real fast, huh? Anyways. The competition is this time about mothers day - treat ur mom to a restaurant and write about ur moms favorite dish there - make sure u get pics!!!! Anyways, I'm going for it, might win!!!!! ;p