Thursday, August 27

A Luxe Evening

Last Tuesday, with friends and fiance in tow, we headed to Establishment at the Fort to attend the launching of the newest design magazine in town, SPACE beyond luxury.

For the millionth and one time, the fiance and I are in the process of decorating our own place so you can imagine just how excited I was to attend this event. Anything design related has been equated to a giant cone of Chocolate ice cream treat in my mind.

I love the fact that SPACE was unlike any design magazine we have right now in the market (hmm, well at least in the Philippines - I am still smittened by Malaysia's IDEAS mag) I have monthly subscriptions for Real Living and sometimes I just flipped mechanically through the pages, you know just because it's on my night table. It has been awhile since a local design magazine has made me want to whip out the camera, take a snapshot and pray to God dear furniture maker can make me one or better yet dear fiance will allow me to buy us one! As its name explicitly say everything inside the mag is truly beyond luxury.

Congrats to the BFF by the way. Great job! Here are some of the pages courtesy of the mag,

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  1. Looks nice...

    "" where to buy what in Cebu - and it's true!!!! The site is pretty good, people just need to post a little more content..