Tuesday, August 4

Goodbye, Pres. Cory (part 2)

I read this SWS survey recently, - the trust/approval ratings amongst current and former Philippine Presidents. In it, Pres. Cory Aquino scored the highest with 60% trust ratings, I later learned that that's the same numbers she got when she was still in office. It got me into thinking, she probably was the only president post-martial law to bear such untarnished reputation. While her presidency was anything but easy (i remember getting classes suspended before because of the coup attacks), no one, not even those who tried to take her government by force, can question her sincerity in wanting to lead us to a better nation. Despite opposing ideologies they are all praises about the kind of person she was. I really hope that this feeling most everyone is experiencing right now continues on and is especially remembered during the May 2010 elections.

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Last Sunday when we went to LSGH to pay our last respects, I must say we couldn't help but noticed how organized and peaceful everything was. This despite the fact that there are thousands of people coming in by the hour.

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I was barely 4 when the 1986 election came to be. We all studied the history of course, back in grade school but when we saw this standing at one of the corners at LSGH, it gave me goosebumps talaga.

In college, I joined the march for EDSA 2. My mom said I was being idealistic. But I really did believe in the movement. I wanted change. I was tired from constantly saying "well everyone's corrupt anyways". I was young and knew that we deserve better. But year by year my idealism was slowly being chipped away. And despite overwhelming evidence of corruption from this government I remained steadfastly apathetic. Lately though, I guess because of recent events and watching the countless of documentaries about the martial law years being played on TV, a familiar feeling started to grow on me. And I realized hey maybe, it's still our fight and it's still our right, to have the kind of government that respects the values and ideals that we hold dear.

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  1. Well, it is tru, there are only very few candidates who aren't corrupt.... Noy Noy, Gibo, etc.....

    Hey, I went back to Yummy-Cebu.com today, and guess what I found this time - they are making a NEW competition again!!!! Real fast, huh? Anyways. The competition is this time about mothers day - treat ur mom to a restaurant and write about ur moms favorite dish there - make sure u get pics!!!! Anyways, I'm going for it, might win!!!!! ;p