Sunday, August 16

Event Hopping: Metro Comic Con

Things I say that people used to find shocking:

1. I am an anti-social
2. I am a love snob
3. I am a certified geek

Nowadays though #3 has pretty much been elevated to a fact. I was obsessed with Marvel when I was younger. Memorized scene sequences from all six Star Wars movies. Devoured 21st century modern and pop literature whenever I get a chance to (but yes, I am saying NO to Stephanie Meyer and Nicholas Sparks! Twenty something here, try as I might I couldn't stomach their penchant for Sweet Valley-esque dialogues, I'll take Welsh and Garland any day of the week.)

So where can you find geek-o me last Saturday? Why, at the Metro Comic Con of course. I wanted to stay there for hours and hours on til the end however I worried (and rightly so) that I might get a wee bit out of control and succumb to all the temptation surrounding me and dear fiance.

No costumes for me and the fiance, we weren't that crazy yet. Perhaps, if we're lucky enough to get tickets to SDCC in 2011, it's an idea worth revisiting.

Fat boy studios and Imagine Nation Studios were on hand to showcase some of their awesome collectibles. I wanna buy Wolverine!

Cute IAMNINOY collectibles

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  1. Aw... the Wolverine pose looks awe inspiring.... Mind filled with thoughts of Thor and Beta Ray Bill team ups, Sentry Escapades, etc...

    "tr3at ur mama 4 free"
    is what it said on the instructions about the new contest for mothers day......