Friday, August 28

True Blood on my mind

I cannot wait for episode 11 of True Blood. Evan Rachel Wood finally makes an appearance as Queen Sophie Ann. I spent this afternoon marathon-ing season 2 of the famed vampire series. I'm such a sucker for vampire shows (that's why I really don't understand why I haven't been swept away by the whole Twilight mania) It started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That show had wit, angst, heart and death. Everything a punked teenage girl crave for. But now I realized my love for that show transcends time! Cause 10 years later I still think it's freakin' fantastic!

And now my choice vamp show is of course True Blood.

Alan Ball is such a genius. From the very intriguingly creepy opening billboard to the jaw dropping cliff hangers, he sets just the right tone of crazy.

I especially love episode 8 & 9. Godric finally makes an appearance. I think that's the most touching ep yet. Spoiler Alert: Godric is vamp-child who just happens to be the oldest vampire in Texas. Plus he is the maker of Eric (who this blogger thinks is a Scandivian god!) what could be more exciting than that, right? Turns out after 2000 years of immortality, Godric has evolved into an enlightened being and will try to set an example to his kind.

Clips for the upcoming episode, Frenzy. I wonder what kind of weirdness will Queen Sophie-Ann bring to the show?

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  1. Buffy still the best for me =)

  2. i know!! i still get teary eyed whenever i re-watch season 2's ending!

  3. Man... I like vampire books and shows but I'm not so CRAZY about the shows that I rewatch every episode a dozen times!!!

    I don't think I even finished them all...

    " - it's community driven, and I gotta tell you, it's much cheaper than a tour guide - it costs nothing!!!