Thursday, August 6

Cinemalaya Goes to UP part 3

So after catching "Colorum" Monday, I got another text from Howie that he might be able to score extra tickets for this year's Cinemalaya Best Picture film winner, "Last Supper no. 3". And of course who am I to say no to that.

It was raining really hard when we got to UP. Had to brave the stormy weather and run all the way from the parking lot across to the UP Film Center. At least we weren't 2 hours early this time (no more drink-all-you-can-until-your-stomach-hurts-ice-tea) However the line was long, as expected. (Apparently the tickets were very hard to come by since they've already sold out days past. So I'm super thankful to dear fiance' friend for this!) When we got inside poor Howie had to sit on one of the monoblocked chairs set up. But it was worth it (hopefully for him too haha)

Last Supper No. 3 is about the absolute horror that is the Philippine justice system. In the most shallow and superficial legal context the protagonist (an advertising production assistant played superbly by Joey Paras) gets entangled in legal limbo hell for almost 3 freakin' years! Que horror!!

Veronica Velasco directs. And she made sure to use humor to get her social commentary accross. It came out beautifully, not very trying hard at all! Character nuances were believable, dialogues were crisp, overall techinicals were polished, in other words, a definite must-see for indie lovers.

We suspect that this is the indie-film that can/will break into the mainstream and hopefully make some money.

There were notable cameos from the country's stars namely Maricel Soriano, Mark Meily were around to add more sparkle to the already adorable film.

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    Hey, I went back to today, and guess what I found this time - they are making a NEW competition again!!!! Real fast, huh? Anyways. The competition is this time about mothers day - treat ur mom to a restaurant and write about ur moms favorite dish there - make sure u get pics!!!! Anyways, I'm going for it, might win!!!!! ;p