Monday, August 3

Must Try: Birthday Promo

It's my mom's birthday today!!! Happy 55th!

Good news, apparently Shangrila Hotel is running this really awesome promo for birthday folks. Your age = your % discount at Heat.

Love it! 55% off for a group of 8!

Don't forget to bring your identification with your birthday and age there and make sure to call first for reservations!

Update: Just got back from dinner celebration. Unbelievable ONLY Php 700++ per person. Fiance and I couldn't breathe again afterward. Guess how many people were there for their birthday? We heard the happy birthday hymn around seven times tonight! Imagine if your grandparents are celebrating theirs!! Cheers!

Birthday promo at Heat Edsa Shangrila will last until the end of September.

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  1. Nice... imagine if the person were to become 114 yrs. old!!!! HAPPY birthday, u got as all a afree meal plus 14% of what we feast on, back in the amount of money!!!! Love u, paps!!! ;D

    Hey, I went back to today, and guess what I found this time - they are making a NEW competition again!!!! Real fast, huh? Anyways. The competition is this time about mothers day - treat ur mom to a restaurant and write about ur moms favorite dish there - make sure u get pics!!!! Anyways, I'm going for it, might win!!!!! ;p