Saturday, April 3

Food tripping in Cebu

This is the third part in the series of Cebu post.  I love it there! The sand, the sun but most of all I love their oh so yummy food!

Day 1. We were pretty much all about eating at Ayala Mall.  After all it was the closest to the hotel and we didn't want to be stuck inside a cab yet again.  Our first meal at Cebu was at Big Mao.  It's a Chinese restaurant that hugely reminded me of Superbowl hee.  Note to self: Must take charge of ordering when traveling with the Hubby and B-i-l - so as not to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of dishes.

Our free dessert, thanks to Nyx' Ayala card.  Too bad I don't eat Mango jellies.

Day 2.  One of our acquaintances there had warned us not to leave Cebu without trying CnT Lechon.  Being the obedient tourists that we were, we heed to the sound advice.

Yum-mmmy!  No need for Mang Tomas or any other add-on sauces.  It tastes excellent as is.

Day 2. Breakfast over at Tides.  Sigh. After a huge breakfast we hit the beach.  I really should start practicing sucking my gut in for longer periods of time.  Buffet breakfast is the devil.  But it's oh so tempting I just couldn't say no.  Plus the Hubby loves some congee in the morning.

Day 2. Dinner at Couric Cove, Shangrila Mactan.  It was very swanky and pricey place.  But I loved it. I love the fact that we get to sit outside overlooking the beach.  But most of all I love the fact that the seafood served were in Godzilla proportions.

We were joking that they must be growing their veges on a science lab.  How else would they explain the gigantic sizes of the Broccoli and Cauliflower.

Their seafood skewer at Php 850.00 was probably the least expensive on the menu.  But it was sooo worth it.  Just look at the size of that thing!

I love this soup! I forgot what it's called. But it has a mixture of coconut milk and sinigang with loads and loads of seafood shells inside. Sigh, buko heaven!

Day 3. Buko Bar.  After a day soaked in the sun what better way than to chill than have burgers, wings and fish & chips by the beach bar.

The four day trip saw my weight gain at 4 pounds. Crap, that's a pound a day of gluttony for yours truly.  And unfortunately right after our Cebu trip we headed to Tagaytay for yet another eating session.  Must start dieting soooooon!

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  1. Yum me to heaven!!! I'm hungry like hell!!!

    "tr3at ur mama 4 free"
    is what it said on the instructions about the new contest for mothers day......