Thursday, April 29

Kitkat on my Mind

In between being psuedo-culture vultures, Hubby and I were also on a major Kitkat prawl all over Japan.  As part of our Kitkat police duties, we made sure to head over to whatever convenience store that comes our way.  If only to stumble upon the weird-weirder Kitkat flavors the Japanese have come up with.

Knowing my food issues, it has become a major challenge not to roll my eyes and gag at the sight of some of the flavors their overly creative mind have dreamed of, but of course dear Hubby took this time as an opportunity to act as the perfect/ideal Marketer's Dream that he is and buy each and every flavor.

 Surprisingly despite the name, I kind of like this one.  
It just tasted like white chocolate!

Assortment of weird: 
Soysauce, Intense Roast Soybean, Wasabi, Green tea + Cherry blossom flavors 

Green tea + Cherry blossoms (and yes, you won't taste the cherry blossom), 

Wasabi (the feeling after every bite, really goes straight to your nose)

Framboise flavor.  Hubby and I haven't gotten around to trying this one.
It's still safely tucked in our ref, away from my gag-ilicious reflexes

Royal Milk Tea. Finally! Something that resembles what chocolate flavor should be! 

We didn't get around to buying this, 
it was a special edition Kitkat chocolate. 
But way too expensive at Y1,500

Talk about weird, how about some KitKat Sweet Potato??

KitKat Kobe Pudding. Yummmmmmmm

Green Tea Flavor.
I was a bit surprised that I didn't see more of this flavor there.  
Fortunately we spotted one at the airport duty free just before leaving.

We also tried KitKat Banana, which again reminded silly blogger of white chocolate with just the tinsiest taste of banana to it.  And finally KitKat Soy Bean, which, come on let's be honest is as weird as it gets! (forgot to take pictures of their wrappers before Hubby's stomach beat me to it yet again *sadness*)


  1. i think kitkat has the best flavors in japan...i want kobe pudding!

  2. kobe pudding was actually one of the best flavors they had. I was shocked that i liked it cause i usually just go for the normal chocolate flavor.