Thursday, April 22

Trip to Himeji

Except for Himeji-jo there's really nothing to see in this place. Heehee.  On our way back to Kyoto from Hiroshima, we decided to make a brief stop to Himeji (about an hour or so away from Hiroshima using the Shinkansen - thank you Japan Rail Pass!)  Dear Hubby and I were laughing the entire time because the moment we stepped out of the train, everything in the city served to highlight it's number 1 attraction, Himeji-jo.

In the train station, it had its own sign.  It even had its own street marker. Hee.  Maybe all the hype was due to the fact that at least according to Lonely Planet, if you have just one day to visit a castle in Japan, it has got to be Himeji-jo.

Himeji-jo (I have used that word quite a number of times already, I think it's due to all the brain washing the city did on me. *chants: himeji-jo, himeji-jo, himeji-jo to self*) was inscribed by UNESCO as aWorld Heritage site last 1900s.  And is largely considered as THE most spectacular castle in Japan, Himeji-jo is also known as the White Egret, for in part due to its color, which is highlighted even more during night times.  Himeji-jo, unlike other famous Japanese castles, have never been destroyed by wars, fires, earthquakes and other unfortunate events, thus leaving the castle in its original construct.

 the castle at night

Castle exterior asides (the interior is off limits to the public until 2015 - under going major restoration) what I love about this particular stop over was that Himeji-jo is surrounded by 1000++ cherry blossom trees!!! Love it!


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