Thursday, April 22

Trip to Tokyo (part 3)

Ahhh. Tokyo.  Our last stop to this whirlwind of a trip.  We were glad to be given another go at Tokyo since there were still loads of places we haven't been to despite our first 4 days stay here.

First silly blogger was super thrilled to discover that our hotel booking worked once again.  And Hotel Villa Fontaine Shiodome was worth every penny.  *Hmm, me thinks we were super lucky to get it at a really good rate*  It was within walking distance from the sites we wanted to visit, Ginza, Tsukiji and 1 train ride away from Harajuku. *ahhhh love!*

at the shiodome sio site 

Second, let's get this one more geeky fact out of the way...  Silly blogger happens to be married to the world's oldest Godzilla freak.  And so we went about searching for the elusive Godzilla statue all over Tokyo.  And yes, Japanese folks wouldn't understand who you are talking about unless you pronounce Godzilla as Go-ji-ra. *laughs*

A successful marriage is the one that observes a genuine desire to be part of your other half's life.  Either that or pretending to be interested in an hour long monologue about how awesome Godzilla is.

After searching high heavens for Hubby's one and only must-do list, he once again accompanied dear 'ol wifey to shop around Ginza and Harajuku.  Ginza was just mind boggling.  Rows of shops, and not just tiny a$% stores but building-brand shops, line up the street.

We saw a Nissan Gallery, and Hubby was more than excited to check out his other baby, the Nissan GTR.

In Harajuku, we expected to see Japanese youth dressed up in costumes but we thought it was still pretty funny especially when we saw this cute girl in a maid's outfit. Hee

But without a doubt, one of the most awesome times we had was smelling slimy fishes in the cold breeze of early morn (ok the fish didn't really smell that bad, an byproduct of having truly fresh fishes).  Tsukiji Market, the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the whole world, has become one of the most popular attractions in Japan.  Oh by the way, I wish I was a wholesaler, cause apparently there's only 7 of them.  Imagine that!  Annoyingly enough, because of many foreigners rude behavior, they have closed off the public auction for about a month. Argh! When will they learn to take stealth mode pictures!  But still, seeing gigantic tunas one after the other was still a sight to behold.  Definitely worth waking up at 6 in the morning.

the Hubby watching a tuna being gutted.

According to the fish retailer, this one cost about Y3,500,000. Yeozaah

Look at the size of that thing!

That's a 1-liter water bottle!!

I probably went a little Japan-blogging crazy! Hee.  And I have loads more stories to tell about our Japan trip. Maybe I'm still suffering major withdrawal symptoms.  But not to fret, I have a feeling our impending beach trip this weekend will be just the antidote to do the trick.


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