Monday, April 5

Fun in Boracay

Last year, I attended the Nestle Beach Volley at Boracay, together with my NPI work mates.  It was also my first trip there with Hubby's friends.  They have made going to Bora a summer ritual of sorts, me thinks. And so for the nth time in their lives, the Hubby and his band of brothers are going back to Boracay this April - I think his friends have got it in their heads that Boracay needs them during the summer season for a much unrequited drunken mayhem. Hee.  But what do I know, they always seem to end up having the time of their lives.

Thank gawd though that for this year there are some really cool activities planned.

I wanna Zooooorrrbb!!  Read over at Boracay Sand Castles that this cool activity costs only Php 300 (triple sharing) - Php 500 (solo).  There are two ways to enjoy this fabulously amazing activity: First, they'll strap you in and roll you over the hill, this is scary as hell especially for the one strapped in on top.  You absolutely feel the entire ball rolling - up and down - up and down. :O, In the second one,  they will add water inside your zorb and you glide down the hill as they push you, while praying the water inside cushions the blow of your partners kicks, elbows and so on.  (I'm hoping that my zorb doesn't walk like I do and roll in with one straight fluid motion)  Sounds fun!

For more info:
Yapak, Boracay.Island. Philippines.

Next on their list: Cliff Diving.  *goosebumps* They have a 3m, 7m and 10m jump point.  I can't wait to do this!

How to kill time in Boracay: (asides for drinking excessive alcohol and shakes, of course)

1. Helmet Diving:  Try putting 25 kilos of weight on your shoulder.  *horrors* Good thing everything is a LOT less heavier under water.  There's an initial pressure on the ear when you go down.  And hopefully, unlike silly blogger here, you listen to the instructions before stepping onto the ladder. Hee. Must not let go of the ladder legs unless your feet are safely touching the sand grounds.

2. Parasailing:  The initial take off and the first 5 minutes up in the air, well, takes your breath away.  But I suggest you do this for not more than 15 minutes.  It gets pretty boring up there especially without anyone to talk to.

3. Fly Fish.  Beware. Be very afraid. One of my friends had a very horrific accidental butt slip while riding this.  Suggest not to wear your bikini while enjoying this activity. *hee* When the Hubby and I did this though, our arms were super sore from holding so tight on the rope for dear life.

Hopefully we really get to do zorbing and cliff diving.  Will post pictures soon! :)


  1. I'd like to do everything there - if I had the money to... Poor world, poor world... Me Sa Thinks Me never enjoy things like that... :(

    " - it's community driven, and I gotta tell you, it's much cheaper than a tour guide - it costs nothing!!!

  2. It's really not that expensive especially if you do it in groups. You get a really big discount.