Wednesday, April 21

Trip to Tokyo (part 2)

  The view of Tokyo Tower from afar

First stop of the day was at the famed Tokyo Tower.  Built in 1958, the tower stands 333m high just a wee bit higher than that other famous tower over at France.  It is actually the world's tallest self supporting steal tower.  However unlike the Eiffel, this one is actually used for broadcast purposes and not just romantic interludes.  We were treated to a panoramic view of the city in the main observatory located at 150m level even better was the special observatory high up at 250m.

Next was a drive by at the Imperial Palace grounds.  Nobody really gets to go inside (unless it’s the emperor’s birthday) hence pretty pointless to go down if you just wanted to see the garden, there are far superior ones all over Tokyo.  After that brief sighting we were Asakusa Kennon bound.

Asakusa Kennon Temple is one of the most popular temples in all of Tokyo.  It is testament to the wonders of the Edo period architecture.  During our visit, a huge portion was under going major renovation.  The sight of the hundreds and so tourists, making its way to the temple, can make anyone pause and take a breather.

Sensoji Temple

We tried a bunch of street foods over at Nakamise Dori.  And as you all know, silly blogger hates eating weird frou-frou named/looking foods but in the spirit of fun and for the love of Dear Hubby (who eats everything) I decided to give it a go.  Nakamise streches for around 250m from the Kaminari-mon Gate to the Hozomon Gate and all throughout there are about 90++ stores lined up where you can find exotic foods or just about any other trinket imaginable.

The Hubby trying the chocolate coated banana 

 Trying the Takoyaki with Octopus
After lunch we were taken to Akihabara.  

Akihabara is an area with the most advance electric products.  Umm thus the name Electric City.  A number of streets are solely dedicated on one thing: electric gadgets.  The Mil and some of our tour mates got this awesome deal on a Canon G-11.  They were able to purchase one for only Php 22,000. (It’s 30k++ over here in the Philippines)

Dear Hubby and I noticed that within walking distance of Akihabara is the Tokyo Anime Center.  Seeing that Japan is pro'lly the greatest source of anime, we grabbed the opportunity to visit this particular site. For anime lovers you can enjoy anime-related exhibitions, talk shows by voice actors, new anime film screenings, public recording of radio programs, and other events at the center.  Plus, there's an anime shop that could be kinda cool as gifts.

Later that night, dear Hubby was nice enough to go shopping with me at Takashimaya Times Square and Keiyo shopping malls over at Shinjuku where the average Shu Uemura prices were half off than what silly blogger is used to in Manila. *smiles at the thought of hoarding*

However I was not such a huge fan of Takashimaya Times Square, if only because most of the boutique shops they have inside carry only very high end international brands.  Think along the lines of Gucci, Chanel, Prada and the likes.  And since I wasn’t planning on splurging on bags for this trip, it was mostly trying to look for a place to eat here.  Hmm thought this mall was more suited for my more shopaholic friends, couchlesspotato and happy feet.
To experience Japanese night life, we headed over to Roponggi.  This was the first time we tried using their subway system and we didn’t know that different line corresponds to different ticketing machines.  Fortunately for us, random Japanese girl behind us was kind enough to not only buy tickets for us but take us to the right train line.

Roponggi as described by Lonely Planets is nothing spectacular during daytime.  People don’t really go there unless until the clock hits 20:00.  Endless rows of bars and restaurants line up the streets to cater to every foreigners fancy.  Be warned though that the cover charges are a bit expensive and beer in Japan bars usually start at Y400 – Y600.

Day 3 takes us outside of Tokyo all the way to Nikko Edo Wonderland.  To be continued, again.


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