Thursday, April 22

Universal Studios, Japan

Another day, another theme park.  Hubby and I might be in our mid twenties (and will stay there for the remainder of the next five years IMO) but we are absolute kids at heart.  Silly blogger thinks that we probably were more excited to see Elmo, Cookie Monster, Hello Kitty and the rest of the gang than the kids 1/5th our age.

Hollywood Dream. I blame the freezing weather for not being able to ride this. Who wants to freeze mid-air?  I might catch pneumonia or something. Right?!?!  Ok, ok so I admit it, I chickened out at the last minute. Which was a good thing because Hubby tells me the speed was way too fast for my poor delicate heart to take. What’s great about the ride for those with a tad stronger pulmonary system is that it takes you to the different themed areas all around Universal studios.

Wicked. Silly Hubby gave a standing ovation after watching the 40 minute preview of this Broadway classic.  *oh the shame* Nevermind if half the time, they were speaking in Japanese *scratches head in bewilderment* I was beyond thrilled to hear them singing Defying Gravity in English, one of my absolute favorite Broadway songs of all time. *goosebumps*

Jurassic Park the Ride. Crap. I really don’t know why I keep getting myself in situations where I would eventually cry.  Silly me thinks I should lower female testosterone level a.k.a kayabangan to avoid such episodes in the future.  Jurassic Park the Ride is should be fun in the beginning.  It tours you around the Jurassic Park world and Hubby loved this because he’s  such a dinosaur freak.  But I kept on anticipating the eventual 25.9meter plunge into total darkness that I had cold sweats despite the 6 degree weather.   

Waterworld + Backdraft + Terminator. *claps claps* Hubby and I were just in awe with all the special effect they put into the attractions. Mukhang pinaggastusan talaga! Hee 

Spiderman. Probably had the longest queue at the park.

Back to the Future. Another ride which had a very long queue.  But I must say again, really worth the 35minute way.

Space Fantasy.  Newly opened attraction that is a must-try for everyone.  Absolutely fantastic visuals inside the rotating roller coaster cart that scaredy cat blogger here scarcely noticed the fast turns and loops.

Asides for these amazing rides, we went around catching different shows being performed in the park.  Most notable for silly blogger was the Hello Kitty and Friends performance, which we caught TWICE! Thank you dear Hubby for understanding your silly wife's childish obsessions.  We even went as far as chasing after the Hello Kitty mascots, as they were a particularly camera-shy bunch.
peter pan's float
 watching a 3D show of Shrek... in Japanese! Hahaha
The only ride I didn't enjoy was Jaws.  It was pretty lame.  It takes you to a not so thrilling tour of the shark infested waters.
You know what's cool, there's random information stands that tells you how many minutes wait per ride or what time's the next show.

There's a Universal Studios train from the JR Osaka Station that will take you straight to this fabulous theme park.  The park opens daily from 9AM to 800PM unless otherwise indicated.


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