Wednesday, April 7

I wanna be a yogi bear

 4th quarter of 2009 found silly blogger giving the whole healthy living a try.  Thought it was high time, seeing as my 20-something body is starting to feel aches and pains like a 50 year old baby boomer.  Joined in on a couple of marathons, started to eat less junk food and watched alcohol consumption drop to a consdierably reasonable level.  

So in continuing with the healthy lifestyle, I decided to enroll myself in a 15 session yogilates class.  Enter Jill Ngo-Crisologo of Peak Performance.   

I have attended around 8 classes so far.  Unfortunately because of several trips planned this summer I had to stop for awhile.  Planning to strike back into all those poses once I get back. I love her classes.  It's very intimate.  She only accepts around 8 or so students per session, giving each one of us just the right amount of attention especially when our (or maybe just this silly blogger's) *scoff scoff* lazy-asses refuse to lift off from the mats.  She could be oh-so hard core as well (hmm...memory of that ab workout with Janet Jackson booming in the background, makes my abs want to contract on its own). So if you want to be in tip top shape this summer or for an event or just be plain ol' healthy suggest you give her a call.  She teaches belly dancing incidentally for those with a tad more flexible bodies.  

Peak Performance
2F McGwen Bldg 
12 A Don Roces Quezon City


  1. yup definitely a good idea, noticed that it makes me less tired also