Wednesday, April 21

Trip to Nikko Edomura

On our 3rd day, World Destinations took us to Nikko Edomura for some back to the past ninja and samurai actions.  It's about 2 hours or so drive from Tokyo.  I recommend going to this place for visitors who are interested in learning more about the history and culture of Edo period Japan.

Lots of attractions to try and performances to watch. Some highlights include:

1. Grand Ninja Theater

2.  Ninja Kai Kai Tei House of Illusion.  This tilted house was absolutely neat.  Mind blogging and definitely head ache inducing, but altogether a hundred percent a must-try.  The Hubby and I made it successfully from the first floor out to the second floor.  Unfortunately I couldn't say the same for my trusty point and shoot Canon.

3. Jigoku Temple. *hee* This is a rather campy haunted horror temple of sorts.

4. O-Edo Tenmangu Shrine.  This is an actual shrine inside the make-believe park.  It's frequented by those praying about their studies/learning.

Throughout the themed park you can see various visitors dressed up as a geisha or samurai.  And of course me and the Hubby decided to pose as one as well (just pose, not walk around wearing the costumes mind you)

More pictures of our geisha costumes soon, hee, I haven't collated all the gazillion photos yet.  Plus Hubby and I did eventually get to see actual geishas, but not until we arrived in Gion, Kyoto on our 8th day.

Admission to Nikko Edomura is around Y4,500.
Located at 470-2 Karakura, Nikko


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