Sunday, November 2

Baguio Trip

I hate being stuck in a van for more than a few hours - so imagine the horrors i felt for being stuck there for 12 hours. CR-Break anyone?

As mentioned, last week I was at Baguio for work. On our way we had to stop at two public markets for some trade check. Not to be a prima donna or anything but I seriously abhor the smell of a market. I stayed away from the wet section because I was certain, as was happened in my last trade check, that I will get nauseated and vomit.

We had lunch at the famous pitstop along Tarlac, "Palaisdaan". I remember going there last year with friends. Someone had dared Finks to play one of the challenges. You get two pails of fishes for free if you were able to cross the plank of wood while carrying those two pails and at the same time being splashed all over by “rain”. She fell of course, too bad 'cause she was 3 quarters across already.

Yet another game you can play, Takshapo!

For the next three days we were shacked up at The Manor. Pretty swanky place. There was even a wedding on going the last day we were there. Hmm it’s raining wedding ceremonies I see. I suggest though that you get the deluxe room if you’re staying there. Superior rooms lack the cabin feel you want when you're in Camp John Hay. No terrace = no view (sad face!)

Sigh. I love Baguio weather! I reminds me of having Christmas all-around.

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