Saturday, November 8

Must Try: Good Earth Roast

I always thought it was funny, how in TV shows like Grey’s Ally McBeal, --- and many others – how the entire cast just happen to go to one place and one place alone after work. But I guess there’s some truth to that. Because for me and my fellow batchmates – Good Earth Roast seems to be that place. After a long day of work, or at least pretending to work for some (that – can also cause much unwarranted stress i would think. wink!) GER is the automatic solution to get rid of your yuppie rage (read: chismis or rant your ass off to colleagues). Recently, well ok it’s slightly been over a month already, GER has decided to take on a face lift. It used to be open air all around, however now during lunch time – they've created glass doors to enclosed the place and…Tan-da-da-da!…There's airconditioning! GER's patrons are usually from the nearby offices or schools at the Rockwell Center. Lunch time is particularly filled with corporate folks.

I always go for their Hofan and jelly fish platter for a quick yummy fix. Their peking ducks are also worth a try!

Cheap beers, good food, a stone throw away from the office – Hey! how can you go wrong!

Good Earth Roast is located at Block 9, Rockwell Center

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  1. That's true, how can u go wrong by that eh???

    Visit to find out where to eat???