Saturday, November 29

Wedding 101: The Church Dilemma

We still don’t have a church to get married at. In frustration, I jokingly mentioned to Fancé that we should maybe consider converting to the protestant religion so that we can have a garden wedding instead of trying yet again to find another potential church venue. Umm yeah, the Fiancé scoffed at the idea.

I wonder why there is much-a-do about getting married in churches anyhow. I mean why can’t the priest just “go out” of their four walls to perform the ceremony. Is the sanctity of the ceremony really sacrificed if it were not done inside? Better yet, if you have little flower girls throw petals at the aisle could they not just cleaned that up? Why oh why – do they have to issue all this rules!

Prospect of switching religion denied, guess it’s back to church hunting once again I guess.

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  1. Look, I'm atheist, and my parents got civil marriage, and I'm doing what my future wife wants...

    But I agree w/ you - either priests do home visits, or there are specific seasons when one should marry - so that you get a church...