Saturday, November 8

Countdown: 22 Days to go before December

December has always been a packed month. Definitely fun but it can and do cause quite a lot of stress plotting out in your calendar the number of Christmas dinners and errands you have to tend to over the holiday. Sigh 10 years ago - I only had two dinners to worry about - family and HS friends... But you grow older, and your circle seems to get wider and this fact is magnified even more during the holidays.

I am hoping Dear Fiance's friends schedule their holiday celebrations as early as the 6th. Otherwise, I will be a 10-minute wonder at their party yet again! Seeing that I might not have enough time this December I already started with my Christmas shopping as early as now. Bought gazillion of chocolates for Dear Fiance's friends. Yes - I have decided, unlike last year, to mass purchase gifts for his friends. Afterall who can say no to chocolates right (and yes, it saves me a good deal of headaches)

Now to if only I can come up with the perfect gift ideas everyone: for the gang, the officemates, the parents, the siblings and for the X number of Kris Kringle thingies that I have to join.

47 DAYS to go before CHRISTMAS!

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