Saturday, November 22

Lesson for the Bridezilla

The jist:

We were supposed to pay reservation fee for both One Esplanade and the Shrine of Jesus Church a few days back. Being the overly nagging bride-to-be that I am, I have reminded Dear Fiance to not forget this oh-so important task

Meeting with Possible Stylist/Florist # 2

Stylist: San yung wedding nyo?
Eager Beaver BTB: We booked sa Church of Jesus
Stylist: Yikes! Talaga? I know they have their own accredited suppliers to arrange the flowers inside the church.
Eager Beaver BTB: Talaga? Oh no! Baka bulok
Stylist: Well,..
Dear Fiance: Mukhang ok naman, remember we saw last Saturday
Eager Beaver BTB: Oo, pero sobrang plain. Hay.

Discussing flowers for the entourage:
Stylist: For your flower girls, I’ll make a bag shaped flower nalang.
Eager Beaver BTB: I was thinking, they would be holding a basket, para while they throw the petals
Stylist: Bawal magtapon ng petals sa Shrine ah
Eager Beaver BTB: WHAT!?!?!? Seriouso ka ba!?!?
Stylist: Yes, they’re very strict about that.
Dear Fiancé: Oo nga bee, pansin ko malinis yung carpet nung Saturday. (ok, way to put more salt into the wound)
Eager Beaver BTB: Seriouso ba to!? Oh no! This sucks! Dapat pala hindi pa tayo nagbayad
Dear Fiancé: Oo nga eh. Pero nakabayad na tayo eh (duh!)

The Unveil:

Middle of the day – the fiancé called to say that reservation fees for both the church and reception venue were taken care of. I was so proud of him – all my bridezilla tantrums has made him very proactive in the wedding preparation. Hence you can imagine the wave of regret that wiped my sanity when I realized – my eagerness has actually resulted to a no-turning back situation for us – church-wise.

While watching TV at home

BTB: Bwisit bee, how come there’s a rule like that. Shet sana di pa naten nabayaran.
Dear Fiancé: Sige, try ko irefund
BTB: Huh? Pwede ba yon you paid for it na eh
Dear Fiancé: Umm, (shift uncomfortably) checque naman ginamit ko…baka pwede.
BTB: (Starting to sense something was up) Pano mo babawin yon, I don’t think that’s possible…
Dear Fiancé: Ahh…
Dear Fiancé: Hehehe

Turns out – reservation fee for One Esplanade was more than what was written on the net, so when he got to the church he only had 8 grand with him. Since they don’t take credit cards or checque he was planning to “quietly” pay the next day. Sigh. Who knew a “white lie” (as the fiancé likes to put it) would turn out to be a blessing!!

Hmmm…I think he was trying to teach me a lesson, either that or he was just torturing me. Probably serves me right, no more bridezilla attacks in the future I hope.

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