Monday, November 3

Must Try: Dining at Cav

Sweet swanky place. Definitely not the place to be at if you want to get drunk and wasted. Dear Fiance’s friends were surprised when Jody texted them that dinner for the night was at CAV. Erroneously jumping to the conclusion that i was the brains behind such glorious idea. Tsk tsk…don’t they know I have been seriously trying to be responsible spender of late. Anyways, best friend has recommended the place for the longest time. If you’re into wine drinking and good food dining, this is the place to be. It has over 450 vintage wine selection, some costing as much as 72,000 a bottle (whew!)

Their three course meal will set you back a good thousand bucks per person. But well-worth it. To start off, the waiter gave us some complimentary shrimp dipped in mango shots. They must have hired a food stylist for that one :) For the meals itself, I had the Classic Beef Steak as appetizer. Didn't just looked heavenly tasted devine as well. Being the picky eater that I am I went for something that was the most “normal” to my eyes from the menu list. But when they served the dish, I could tell the beef was raw. Since we’re trying to subscribe to this new mantra of no waste, ms. picky eater me quickly went out the window. Must-force goo-iey beefy stuff down the throat. Too my surprise, the chili and cool mixture in the recipe was just apt for my liking. My second course was a safe choice, Mushroom Soup – hehe you can never go wrong there. By the time our main entrée arrived I was pretty full already. But the Tiger Prawns looked sooo darn good that I forced myself to stuffed it down.

Funny though, living with a third world paycheck everybody was just ordering uber expensive wines and beers, you can hardly tell that paying later would deter any sort of happiness,...until the bill arrived. Heehee Nah!

Cav Wine Shop-Cafe is located at Lot 5, Quadrant 8 City Center, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio. Contact details: 856-1798.

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