Sunday, November 16

Wedding 101: Church Hunting

Yesterday, the Fiance and I officially have chosen our church and reception venue for the wedding. It was a sign! – When we got to The Shrine of Jesus Church at the reclamation area right beside SMX, a wedding was just about to be concluded. Being the overly chismosa couple that we are, we managed to sneak in the side entrance to check out the décor and space inside. Beautiful!

Next stop was at One Esplanade. I have attended several functions there before but I haven’t seen it yet through my bridezilla eyes since it was first suggested as a possible wedding reception venue.

Church. Check. Reception Venue. Check. Finally!!!


  1. Not bad... looks like ur almost ready, eh???

    VISIT YUMMY-CEBU.COM to get inspired by the dishes and recipes!!!!

  2. Hey Toni :D Hihi this was posted last nov 2008 :) I was able to finish with all the details and got married about four months ago..

    Cool you have recipes at yummy-cebu, definitely need that for my domestication-project hehe