Saturday, November 8

Dear Future Bride, Smile

I was supposed to go on a shoot for work today, however wedding preparation trumps working on a Saturday (heehee). I am finally meeting with one of my wedding supplier - well would be depending on how the meeting goes. After securing the reception venue (finally!) I am on a Communist-like precision when it comes to choosing would-be suppliers.

This afternoon after my fitting for bridesmaid's gown (for another wedding I will be attending) I will be sitting down with Jen Hen - She is a wedding stylist that has been highly recommended by my sister and her friends. Originally the genuis in their family when it comes to wedding styling was her brother - Jun Hen - however he has since migrated to another country.

Crossing my fingers that she will be the one. If not, I still have around 5 more stylist to meet up with.

Some inspirations:

Gwen Stefani's Wedding

Some random couple's wedding - i love the flower arrangement

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  1. My, y r weddings these days so complicated......