Sunday, November 16

Must See: Hairspray The Musical

The show was about to start and I was still stuck in the office. I was supposed to leave by 6pm however our storyboard presentation with McCaan went on longer than anticipated. So I kept glancing at my watch, hoping that all the chit-chats would soon end.

But when it did, miscommunication with Dear Fiance’ resulted with me killing another 30 minutes outside our lobby while he was waiting at the parking area. Sigh. Murphy’s Law to the Nth power.

We finally got to Star Theater (which first of all wasn’t the most ideal place for play-watching). College buddies already inside and for some annoying reason, I couldn’t get a hold of them to get my ticket. Waiting waiting…until finally Jezer shows up with tickets in tow.

Sigh. All that behind us now…

Hairspray has finally arrived in Manila. We all know the story. Young girl with a big heart and big talent wants nothing more but to sing and dance. Fate gave her the chance to appear at the renowned Corny Collin’s show and it seems like she is headed towards Ms. Hairspray-dom. Set against the backdrop of 1960’s, wherein segregation was the reality, Tracy challenges the norm and tries to get her black friends to dance with the “white” folks together on the show as well. Comic relief, heart-warming moments and some of the best dance number ensues.

Atlantis Production, the same brains behind Avenue Q, was able to scout for some fresh new talents to include in this musical. Madel, Ching, the girl who plays Tracy I found out was actually discovered from Ateneo Blue Reportory. Supporting Madel are some veterans such as Michael De Mesa. I love him as Tracy’s mom Edna Turnbald. Very funny indeed, especially when he uses his manly voice to intimidate Tracy’s nemesis’ mom, Velma von Tussle.

The guy who plays Link wasn’t bad but wasn’t as good as Seeweed when it comes to the singing department. But maybe that’s because Seeweed is being played by Nyoy Volante – who’s some serious musician here in the country. And heck, Link doesn’t need such a great voice anyways – he’s there as the token eye candy for the show.

Definitely a must-see.

Hairspray” runs Nov. 14-Dec. 7 at the Star Theater, CCP Complex. For tickets, call Atlantis Productions at 8927078, 8401187 or Ticketworld at 8919999.

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