Saturday, November 29

Miss Teen Queen or Not

(Pictures to follow)

I don’t remember ever not cringing when watching a beauty pageant. The pivotal cringe moment usually comes when the question and answer portion ensues. So last Wednesday, the fiancé together with his friends (who were there to try to score some points with the contestants) watched the Ms Chinese Philippines live at Avenue, it was time not just to cringe but to slink down from our seats, shift from side to side in uncomfortable feeling. Seeing that none of the girls tickled the fancy of the boys (well except for #7) we decided to make the night interesting by placing a wager on who’s going to win.

Question and Answer Portion
Host: What’s the most honest thing you have done in your life? – (ok, I give her some cred, this is really a stupid question. It presupposes that you have lived your life mostly in a deceptive state)
Contestant #2: Looks around in pain
Host: Again, what’s the most honest thing you have done in your life?
Contestant #2: Umm, (looks around in even more pain)
Umm….the most honest thing…. (looks like she was about to cry…) I’m sorry.

Then she returns back to her position. Slinking lower and lower at my seat.


  1. I've been in a pageant once - not a beauty pageant - it was a pageant called Lakan at Mutya ng Wika - it was an annual, small pageant hosted by my school when I was young... They would ask you questions in Tagalog, and you answer back in Tagalog, and if you appear very confident and act like a gentleman to your counterpart, you win - cuz that's what I did I got the title Lakan ng WIKA, highest... I was pretty proud, even though I was ashamed cuz my counterpart got last place, and she was very good - posture, speech, everything... My point is, all you gotta have is looks,style, and brains - and even though that's rare in people, u gotta cultivate it!!!!!!!!


    P.S. - I was sweating cold sweat and my legs were shaking for the whole three hours...

  2. Congrats to you! It's probably super tough to stand in front of dozens of people much less an auditorium full of your schoolmates :D i wish that contestants here though would just start using Tagalog when answering. Me thinks, the pressure of speaking in english gets to them hence the really no-brainer responses.