Monday, November 3

Of Party Planning And Sucking Up

If the stress of preparing for a wedding is not enough, I have naïvely volunteered for yet another party planning engagement. My niece will be turning ONE this December and being the overly eager god parent that I am, I have decided to handle all the preparation. (Because my sister is totally into the classic and I fear poor Sofie will not have the necessary cotton candy memories that is a requisite to any childhood) But who knew a children’s party can be soooo darn complicated. Bring on the millionth and one designs for the Winnie the Pooh cake and cupcakes, the invitation draft as well as the goody bag munchies. Good thing I work for a company that has among its many lists of products, KitKat and Smarties in the line up. While getting them completely free is out of the question, at least I am able to get them for 30% off. It pays to be a little stingy in these tough times.

Unfortunately, didn’t factor in that too much sweets do attract unwanted attention (read: stupid pesky ants!) So now Dear Fiance and I have resorted to rebundling the goody bags last week. Sigh, too be young and in love – what a wonderful way to spend a date night!
Just in - we were quitely watching episode 8 of Gossip Girl at Dear Fiance's house when Dear MIL mentioned that she is having a hard time coming up with the invitations for FIL's surprise birthday party. Suck-Up-Ears suddenly perked! In yet another attempt to score some brownie points with future MIL (mother-in-law) i have volunteered to take charge of all designing duties. Sigh - the things we do to make MILs love us. Why oh why! (either that or i am just a plain 'ol sipsip!)

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