Saturday, November 1

Trick or Treat

I love halloween..One of the few times in a year grown ups get to have fun playing dress up without looking like a totally idiot (or maybe not!)

October 25, Best Friend's House
Best friend threw a luau party (pictures to follow) at her place. For years now halloween has always been wear-a-scary-costume for us, so this time around we decided to give the boys a break. (It's hot at her veranda afterall.

I was coming from Baguio that day, hence i was pretty beat up but i still managed to wear my shortest skirt and luau accessory. Some people weren't dressed up for the occassion argh, good thing Finks decided to bring in some orchids to jazz up their attires. Had to leave early because i was dead tired from a 9 hour road trip just minutes before the party, too bad didn't get to see Dear Fiance's friends who were supposedly on their way decked in their costumes. I had to apologize profusely later on, after learning that once they found out we were leaving they headed to Fort Bonifacio instead, yes still dressed in their Hawaiian costumes... I'm sure they got some pretty good stares.

October 30, At the office

I missed halloween last year at work, so i was pretty psyched to be part of this year's. Our agency handled all the arrangements for our floor because like the corporate slaves that we are, we were all tied up with deadlines and meeting to worry about decorations.

When the kids arrived, it was all chaotic but fun. I saw my former boss' kid dressed as a cowboy. I expected the kids to just collect candies and look all cute - however a lot of them turned out to be crybabies (heehee) - apparently some decorations were too spooky to handle.

8th Floor. Cemeteray, warlocks and a whole lot of weird noices

4th Floor. Cemeteray, ghouls, whitelady

12th floor - Pirates of the Carribean

October 31, 2008 - Fig and Olive

After our three course meal at uber classy CAV, we headed towards the halloween party at Fig and Olive along H.V. Dela Costa to cap the night. My friend Rob had asked me to come watch him spin there for the longest time already. And since we were running out of ideas as to where to go, i suggested Fig and Olive to the guys. Dear Fiance's friends are not your typical clubgoers so i was worried that they were getting bored with the scene. But all worries eventually fade when i saw a girl dressed in a Hooters costume... ok, now i know they feel right at home (wink!).

Thanks Rob for the free drinks! Would definitely be back to watch you spin! (pictures to follow)

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