Wednesday, November 12

Finally!! - Project Runway Finale

Rushed home, despite the usual Kick Off meetings during Wednesday. All to watch the finale of Project Runway Philippines. So... I was wrong, Philipp didn't win (sad face). Darn it, I wanted him to win so badly. He always had the IMHO the strongest designs. And his finale collection was very strong as well. He was able to make crochets look hip and modern. Yes even made me want to wear a crochet swim wear in Boracay.
But yes, he didn't win instead Aries was declared the very first Project Runway Philippines winner. In terms of the collection unveil, I must admit that Aries had the strongest collection, maybe not in terms of cohesiveness (umm hello, orange finale dress?!? Where did that come from) but in terms of production value. He has a great gasp of what will make the audience tick.

Exhibit 1. I thought it was weird when the model in the center first enter the runway. The dress was definitely an odd ball in the context of Aries' collection. But when the two other models entered and they all stopped mid center for "The Transformation", I had a feeling Aries had a 95% chance of winning (for sheer production value)

Exhibit 2. Yes! That dress in the middle was "transformed" into this three piece wardrobed. Very futuristic eh.

Exhibit 3. Hair, make-up - check

I really hope PRP gets picked up for a second season!!!
Note: Photo cred: empress maruja


  1. Wow, pls just answer this - aside from the fact, that clothes protect us and make us different from animals, why is fashion so important? I mean, people fight about what to wear, who looks the best... its pointless, anywayz... just an opinion

    visit to find out wats happening!!!

  2. you're right people fighting about what to wear is pointless but fashion is definitely not. I guess different folks, different strokes but for me fashion is a form of individual expression. People prolly think it's silly and shallow, but i have huge respect for designers. A lot of thought process and creativity goes in each and every collection.