Tuesday, September 1

Countdown: 3 months to go

After a year of being engaged, 8 months of trying to plan the perfect wedding... it is officially just

90 Days before D-Day!

Our wedding partners in crime:

Wedding Gown: Veluz Reyes (love love love love, what more can I say???)

Contact details: www.veluzreyes.blogspot.com

Groom's Tux: Randy Ortiz (The fiance saw an acquaintance wearing a Randy Ortiz suit on this one wedding we attended and immediately he was smitten.  This was one of the only things I remember him insisting upon.  So we didn't meet with any other designers for him.  Just like a good pair of CK underwear, it was Randy Ortiz or nothing at all apparently hee)

Contact Info: 0922-6006449, Office is at K-6th street Kamias, Quezon City

Entourage Couturier: Frankie De Leon (He did most of the bridal entourage for my sister's friends so I'm very confident with his designs and skills)

Contact Info: 0917-3999828; Shop is located at 1585 Eureka St., Makati City

Make up artist: Cathy Cantada.  Highly recommended by my gown designers Veluz and Niko plus she's a friend of Jean so was able to get a tinsy winsy discount.

Contact Info: 0917-8516608

Caterer: Gloria Mariz (I originally wanted to get Le Souffle but this was the only one thing that my future father in law insisted upon and so...)  We booked from the Greenhills branch.  I'm a bit antsy about the whole outside catering thing.  We still haven't finalized the menu with Gloria Mariz, because my MIL has been very busy the past few months. Hope to settle this before she and the fiance leaves for China next week.

Venue: One Esplanade (such a cool group of people to talk to. Very easy to deal with)

 Contact Info: 0922-8753927 look for Mabel

Church: Mary the Queen

Contact: 7229711 look for Noemi

Florist/Stylist: Tropical Blooms (I can't wait for Sept 10. Finally get to see the mock up for all the flowers and styling we have been talking about for months)

Contact: 09194433936 look for Angel 

Lights and Sounds: SNS lights and sounds (they're the ones who did Ryan-Judy Ann's wedding reception at Le Souffle)

Contact Info: 496-2845 look for Sarah

Music: Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.  Met with MPO twice already.  Finalized all our songs and glad to note that Rodel's been very helpful.  Even agreed to learn a couple of songs that weren't part of their music library yet.

Contact Info: 0917-5374841 look for Rodel

Photographer/Videographer: Niceprint Photography (One of the very first suppliers we booked)

Contact Info: 6365505 look for Judith

Invitation: Printlane (very happy with Beth, she is by fat the most accommodating printer we've sought out) - - of course that's not ours (below) heehee

We're in the middle of closing the "deal" with another supplier. September is going to fly by so fast with all the wedding details we have to attend to plus history is not on our side. September has pretty much been the most hectic month for the fiance and I's social life. Sigh, sometimes I wish I really was anti-social! Or better yet, sometimes I wish I was Ms. M-I-A in parties. 90 days and counting... let the madness begins!

Photocreds: official websites for Randy Ortiz, Mary the Queen, Tropical Blooms and Printlane.

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