Tuesday, September 22

The Murtaugh List

Lola Syndrome: /adj/ a syndrome used to describe couple's, who have settled blissfully into domestication, weekend outings are sometimes traded for DVD marathon sessions at home.

Ahhh.. Where to begin. I initially wanted to be part of this elite group, who looks at domestication with such anticipation. I even went as far as starting up on my Good Housekeeping magazine readings. You see, I am less than 80 days shy from being a MRS. to the fiance hence I have decided to hang the party hat and give the married woman's shoe a try.

Day 1. Hmm this isn't so hard. A little surfing here, finish working on projects there.  This should be a piece of cake!!
Day 2. Outside errands, check.  Cool, I get to finish downloading TV shows.  I wonder what time's dinner?
Day 3. Layout working, check. TV watching, check. Net surfing, check. Connecting with friends, check. Comic book reading, check. Hmm if I get Starbucks, does that count? Maybe I should try baking?!?
Day 4. More outside errands, check.  Going to a friend's house, does that count? Hmm..930PM. Tick tock tick tock.
Day 5. I-T-C-H-Y feet stay away! Must not give in to temptation....Waaaaah! Nooo...Gotta get out of the house.

Ahh yes, maybe this size doesn't fit yours truly after all.

I am probably not one of those women, who thinks staying at home on a weekend is the most relaxing thing on the planet. I am only 27 years old! Too young to retire from things average twenty somethings' are still enjoying to do.  But I do submit that certain things I have outgrown already, and ok, sure from time to time I find marathon DVD session to be a nice escape.  So in honor of married friends everywhere, here's silly blogger me trying to be a grown-up

My Murtaugh List (I'm too old for this shit List)

1. I'm too old to attend rave parties. Hmm are there still rave parties?  So I'll chalk this one up as too old to attend Cream Halloween ball or most Big Fish Event. Sheesh and to think only last year I was still Ms. Eager to dress up for these types of events

2. I'm too old not to pay good money for a decent hotel.  Gone are college-and-first-few-years-of-work days when 5 to 8 of us would squeeze in a tinsy-ass hotel room on an out of town/abroad trip just to save on the cost.  Hamilton hotel horror anyone?

3. I'm too old to wear neon colors (except maybe for neon pink tights hahaha)

4. I'm too old to have a curfew. (Ahh finally! Once I'm married, hopefully dear daddy stops sending me text demanding I come home already because his template text message says "11 o'clock na why wala pa u sa house?" heehee - that daddy dearest is so old-school.

5.  I'm too old to pull an all nighter for marathon phone session.  Never was a fan of this, in fact my idea of a phone conversation is pretty much in the following preferably short sequence "hello-purpose of call-goodbye". So good riddance indeed.

6. I'm too old to broadcast childish relationship meltdowns on social networking sites (FB & Twitter)  I'm glad I actually never did this.  Relationship mantra to live by, dramas should be kept private not for the entire FB/Twitter universe to see! Stating "I'm sad or lonely" after a fight just isn't cute anymore when you're in your twenties.  No one wants to date Ms. Post-it who feels the need to be consoled by random Tweeps or FB friends.

7. I'm too old to care about the brand of my clothes. Yes, once upon a time silly me thought going to SM or Landmark was an absolute fashion crime.  Good thing I have grown up and saw those places for the fashion mecca that they are.

8. I'm too old to finish one loaf of bread or a box of pizza by myself.  Metabolism is not as fast anymore.  Got to slow down on the munching.  But hey I'm NOT too old to eat a bag of Tostitos or Lays in one sitting. Hee one bad habit at a time! :O

9.  I'm too old to get a belly ring. THERE! I'm sure dear friend Pammy would congratulate me for this.  I have finally given up punk-rock & roll phase.

10.  I'm too old to be jumping off roofs. Long story. But yeah, can't do this anymore. Back won't permit it.

11. I'm too old to eat Yakisoba on a daily basis. MSG! Enough said.

12.  I'm too old to take the "15 shots" challenge. Even if we're on vacation.  Alcohol poisoning doesn't sound so appealing when you hit your late twenties. Hmmm, on second thought it never sounded appealing, that was probably younger vacation-jakers talking once again.

13.  I'm too old to watch Hannah Montana-esque movies.  But NOT too old to watch awesome cartoons like The Family Guy, The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!!!!

14. I'm too old to go to a concert with a General Admissions ticket.  Same goes for too old to watch a UAAP game with a GA ticket. Not unless Dave Matthews is playing and the only sole surviving ticket on the planet is the General Admissions kind.

Urban dictionary defines the Murtaugh List as a list made famous from the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" inspired by Danny Glover's character Roger Murtaugh in the movie series "Lethal Weapon."  Murtaugh's catch phrase in these movies was "I'm too old for this shit"  Putting something on the Murtaugh List acknowledges that as you grow up, there's stuff you just can no longer do that you did in your youth.


  1. this is so true! i'm too old for this "stuff"

  2. heehee you're so funny hun tanda! :P welcome back!

  3. Hahaha.... I'm too old for this shit... I remember him in lethal weapon..

    "tr3at ur mama 4 free"
    is what it said on the instructions about the new contest for mothers day......