Tuesday, September 15

Perfect Pieces Photo Shoot

Guys, I'm sorry it's been mostly about house post of late.  I am quite the frustrated designer, you see.  Anyways, two Saturday's ago I had the pleasure of shooting for the catalog/brochure for Perfect Pieces.

Here are some of the unedited shots.  I have yet to finish this other freelance gig I said yes to so unfortunately I have zero time to make some photoshop retouching with this set.  But hey, even without it, I think it still rocks - the furnitures I mean :)

Styled by Pam So-Suarez & Jake Pua

Photographed by Jake Pua 

Thanks to Pammy for trusting me with this pet project, to Soyti for the lights and to the fiance for being the OC "assistant of the day"


Brochure layout by Jake Pua

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