Thursday, September 3

Recessionista Fashionista

With the economy slowly making a turnaround for the better, you would think that silly shopaholic me would be back on the malls with a vengance. Partly true. But heck I have since grown wiser through this tough economic times and have decided to make money out of all my previously neglected clothes.

Last Saturday, at Corinthian Gardens, Jeanie, Pinky and I held our very first garage sale (as a trio). Huge turn out. We had to open the gates at 8am because there were already long queues building up outside. Who knew, right?

With such a successful first attempt, we're planning to make this whole garage sale a monthly affair now haha. Different village in each month. Lot's of clothes, shoes, bags that we need to find new owners of. Afterall we must make room for new CSBs in the closet.

----- . -----

Garage Sales are hard I tell you. I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. But by 2 in the afternoon I was beat already. And we still had 3 hours of selling left to do.

So here's some helpful tips:

1. Tag everything. Choice tool: Masking tape and pentel pen. If there are three of you, best to put labels on each of the tags (JK 100 for jake, P for pinky and so forth)

2. Hand out flyers at least 2 weeks before the big sale. This gives potential buyers (in our case, the maids and drivers and construction workers of Corinthians) time to save up.

3. Each of you has to have a specific role. One should be the cashier, bagger, lookout. Lookouts are especially important. I don't know how many times we've said "Where's the blue jeans lying here awhile ago?"

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  1. Yeah, lookouts are very important - people come to a garage sale in hopes to snatch something mostly...

    "tr3at ur mama 4 free"
    is what it said on the instructions about the new contest for mothers day......