Saturday, September 26

Rain Rain Go Away...

You know that scene from the movie, The Day After Tomorrow? When New York was suddenly seiged by floodwater and there was chaos and confusion everywhere? Well, today, the streets of Manila looks exactly like that.  I'm a huge Filipino-lover so I hate to bash my beloved Philippines... But this has reached an insane level of incompetency! We cannot even withstand one freaking day of non-stop raining! (update: ok so it's reported that it's a month's worth of rain fall..shame on me for being ms. reklamdor!) We are completely paralyzed over Ondoy and worst properties and lives are being damaged in the process.

This one is from outside my sister's house.  And to think she lives in a freakin' posh village in the Greenhills area (along Wilson St.).  How can this happened? 

To whoever wins the 2010 elections I really hope that you spend huge amounts of money in fixing our drainage system (update: and buying MORE rescue rubber boats!!!). This is getting ridiculous. We can spend over Php 300 Million on stupid and seriously useless U-turn flyover slots along C-5 but we can't have a decent drainage across the metro?!?

Plus, why are there are only 13 freakin' rescue boats from our National Disaster Coordinating Counsil? How is that even possible?  Somebody please give me a logical reason for this utter blatant disregard for disaster prepareness.  13 rescue boats in a country surrounded by freakin' bodies of water!!! I am so mad and frustrated, especially since I know friends and family are affected. 

From Xavier High School (photos from the net, sorry will give proper creds once I find the source)

From Katipunan

I'm praying for all family and friends and everyone who's lives have been affected by Ondoy.  I hope tomorrow brings them some fabulous news to at least lessen the sting this typhoon has brought them today.  Perhaps the winning lotto numbers?

Please help those in need: Contact the Philippine Red Cross donation through SMS: text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart)

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  1. The damage being caused is only being caused because of the drainage systems being full of trash because people just drop their trash on the street and then it goes in side the drainage and that gets blocked and so the rain can't drain (that rhymes) and so it floods.... If everybody would just clean the drainage systems once a week and stop throwing their trash just anywhere, Ondoy would have been a normal rainy day....
    " - it's community driven, and I gotta tell you, it's much cheaper than a tour guide -

    it costs nothing!!!